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Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Weekly Report: April 18th – 22nd 2016

dar es salaam stock exchange

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) Market Report for the week ended Friday April 22nd 2016 shows that total equity turnover was TZS 488.59m, down by -54.75% from TZS 1,079.96m the previous week (Friday 15th April 2016). Total market capitalization was TZS 22,050.51bn, up by +2.33% from TZS 21,548.42bn

Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange All Share Index (DSEI)

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange All Share Index (DSEI) closed at 2,517.04 points, up by +2.34% from 2,459.31 points

Tanzania Share Index (TSI)

The Tanzania Share Index (TSI) closed at 3,934.28 points, down by -0.64% from 3,959.85 points.

Industrial & Allied Index (IA)

The Industrial & Allied (IA) closed at 5,262.63 points, down by -0.04% from 5,265.00 points.

Banks, Finance & Investment Index (BI)

The Banks, Finance & Investment (BI) closed at 2,589.78 points, down by -2.45% from 2,654.95 points.

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Commercial Services Index (CS)

The Commercial Services (CS) closed at 3,723.04 points, down by -0.11% from 3,727.23 points.


TZS/USD (BOT Mean Rate) = 2,187.70 (2,182.36 Friday 15th April 2016)
TZS/KE (BOT Mean Rate) = 21.63 (21.56 Friday 15th April 2016)
TZS/GBP (BOT Mean Rate) = 3,156.85 (3,089.68 Friday 15th April 2016)

DSE Share Prices: Friday 22nd April 2016

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