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Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Weekly Market Report Friday 24th November 2023: TCCL Leads with 4.17% Gain

DSE CORE Securities

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) experienced varied trading activities during the week ending Friday, 24th November 2023.

Turnover and Volume

For the week spanning from Monday, 20th November to Friday, 24th November 2023, the DSE reported a total weekly turnover of TZS 1,272.70 million, reflecting a decrease of -18.78% from the previous week’s turnover of TZS 1,567.44 million in week 46.

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The total volume of shares traded was 44,368,531, reflecting a significant increase of approximately 1942.56% from the previous week’s volume of 2,172,950 shares in week 46.

Most Active Stocks

During Week 47, the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange saw notable activities in several stocks. The most active stocks in terms of the number of shares traded were CRDB, NICO, and TCCL.

  • CRDB was the leader in terms of trading volume, with a total of 887,764 shares traded throughout the week. This high volume indicates strong investor interest in CRDB during this period.
  • NICO also experienced substantial trading activity, with a total of 95,594 shares traded over the week. This level of activity highlights NICO as a key stock of interest among investors on the DSE.
  • TCCL was another actively traded stock, with 330,847 shares traded during the week, not including the block trade. The significant volume, especially considering the block trade of 43,504,403 shares on Wednesday, underscores the notable investor engagement with TCCL.

        Market Capitalization

        As of Friday, 24th November 2023, the total market capitalization at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange was TZS 14,603.58 billion. This represents a slight decrease of approximately -0.23% from the previous week’s total of TZS 14,637.70 billion.

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        The domestic market capitalization closed the week at TZS 11,435.73 billion, showing a marginal increase of around 0.02% from TZS 11,433.39 billion at the end of week 46.

          Bond Market

          In week 47, the bond market remained active with a total turnover of TZS 17.95 billion, reflecting a decrease of approximately -15.38% from the previous week’s turnover (TZS 21.19 billion).

          Government bonds continued to be the focal point, with various bonds traded across different maturities.


          The stock market indices for the week ending on 24th November 2023 present a mixed picture of performance across various sectors.

          The All Share Index (DSEI) closed at 1,751.28, representing a -0.23% decrease from the starting value of 1,755.37 on 17th November 2023.

          The Tanzania Share Index (TSI) experienced a marginal increase, closing at 4,322.38, reflecting a 0.02% variation from the initial value of 4,321.49.

          The Industrial & Allied (IA) index saw a slight increase, closing at 5,153.62, while the Banks, Finance & Investment (BI) recorded a marginal decrease, closing at 4,636.31. The Commercial Services (CS) index remained unchanged at 2,148.58.

          IndexClosing Value 17th November 2023Closing Value 24th November 2023Variation
          All Share Index (DSEI)1,755.371,751.28-0.23%
          Tanzania Share Index (TSI)4,321.494,322.380.02%
          Industrial & Allied (IA)5,149.145,153.620.09%
          Banks, Finance & Investment (BI)4,639.754,636.31-0.07%
          Commercial Services (CS)2,148.582,148.580.00%

          Stock Performances

          In the week ending 24th November 2023, TCCL emerged as a standout performer on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange. The stock witnessed a significant positive movement, with its price increasing by 4.17%, closing at TZS 2,000, up from TZS 1,920 the previous week.

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          Conversely, several stocks experienced notable declines. TICL led the downturn with a sharp 10.00% drop in its stock price, closing at TZS 225, down from TZS 250.

          NICO also saw a considerable decrease, with its price falling by 3.33% to TZS 435, compared to TZS 450 at the week’s start.

          JHL and KCB followed suit, recording declines of 2.65% and 1.54%, respectively. EABL’s stock also dipped slightly by 1.05%.

          CompanyClosing Price (TZS) 17th November 2023Closing Price (TZS) 24th November 2023Variation %
          ** Kenya Airways PLC (KA) suspension from trading on its Primary Market at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) has been extended from 5th January 2023 to 5th January 2024. Meanwhile, KA shares have also been suspended from trading at the DSE from 6th July 2020 as per rules 57(1) and (2) of the DSE Rules, 2016.

              This market report is courtesy of CORE Securities, a leading brokerage and provider of investment advisory services in capital markets in Tanzania and the SADC Region. For assistance with trading on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), call +255 22 2123103 or write to info@coresecurities.co.tz.

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