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Tanzania to Build Modern Mineral Sample Storage Facilities in Dodoma

Tanzania Mining Minister Anthony Mavunde

The Tanzanian government has announced plans to construct modern mineral sample storage facilities in the capital city of Dodoma.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Minerals, Hon. Anthony Mavunde, during a meeting to discuss the best ways to improve the performance of the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST).

GST is a government institution under the Ministry of Mining responsible for conducting geological surveys and research in Tanzania.

Its main functions include conducting geological mapping, exploration and assessment of mineral resources, providing geological information and advice to the government and the public, promoting investment in the mining sector, and undertaking research in geosciences.

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The construction of the large and modern storage facilities is set to begin in the financial year 2024/25. The facilities will be equipped with modern technology to meet the needs of the mining sector in the country and the demands of investors in general.

The construction of these modern facilities will also go hand in hand with the construction of regional storage facilities and the enhancement of the capacity of GST staff to meet the growing demand for technological development in the world.

Minerals Mavunde emphasized that the government’s main responsibility is to ensure that GST provides a significant contribution to the development of the mining sector in Tanzania.

He added that information on mineral samples from GST must be accurate and reliable for investors and that the government cannot afford to compromise on this.

The Minister also stated that the government will continue to empower GST to fulfill its responsibilities effectively, as it is the heart of the mining sector in the country. Mavunde took the opportunity to urge all employees to perform their duties diligently and to meet the expectations and demands of the Ministry and investors.

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