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Tanzania-Rwanda Tanzania Rwanda Trade Relations

According to Comtrade, Tanzania’s total exports to Rwanda reached USD 523 million, making Rwanda the 7th largest trade partner of Tanzania after China, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Kenya.

In the same year, Rwanda’s total exports to Tanzania reached USD 295 million, making Tanzania the 6th largest trade partner of Rwanda after China, UAE, DRC, Kenya, and India.

The main exports of Rwanda to Tanzania are: niobium, tantalum, vanadium and zirconium Ore (33%), tin ores (28%), refined petroleum (16%), and tungsten ore (9.5%).

In July 2016, the countries committed to strengthening bilateral trade during the visit of Rwandan President Paul Kagame to Tanzania.

Tanzania’s President Magufuli explained that the Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) will open an office in Kigali in Rwanda as an effort to promote and increase trade with Tanzania.

Earlier in 2016, Rwanda chose Tanzania over Kenya for the construction of a rail link to the Indian Ocean.

The Tanzanian option will link Kigali to Dar es Salaam for an estimated cost of around USD900m versus USD1bn for the Kenyan option, according to the Rwanda Ministry of East African Community Affairs.

In December 2019, Tanzania eventually signed the agreement to link its new railway line to Burundi and the DRC.

In June 2021, Rwandan President Paul Kagame expressed his intention to further enhance relations with Tanzania.

In particular, he urged to implement major joint projects including the Rusumo power generation project and the construction of a modern standard gauge railway to connect Kigali City in Rwanda and Isaka in Tanzania to facilitate the transportation of cargo from the Port of Dar es Salaam to Rwanda.

For her side, Tanzania’s new President Samia Suluhu asked the Tanzania-Rwanda Joint Cooperation Commission to meet to add impetus to these projects as well as identifying new areas of cooperation of mutual interest.

Last Update: 9th June 2021