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Tanzania Sunflower Oil Industry

Sunflower oil production has been identified as a major driver of Tanzania’s economic growth and development, with benefits such as job creation, rural income generation, and foreign exchange earnings. 

In 2017, the production and consumption of sunflower oil in Tanzania reached 181,000 tons. 

With an annual output of around 350,000 tons of sunflower oilseeds, corresponding to about 90,000 tons of oil, Tanzania is one of the top ten sunflower oilseed producers in the world.

Tanzanians consume nearly 600,000 MT of edible oils per year. Imported palm oil is 64% of this total.

While many consumers prefer sunflower oil because of its perceived health and quality benefits, they find refined sunflower oil more expensive.

Solvent extraction technology can lower the price of refined sunflower oil to be more competitive with the price of palm oil.

However, there is only one major solvent extraction refinery in Tanzania, and it is focused on high- and middle-income consumers.

The sunflower oil industry in Tanzania has attracted several major players, including Bakhresa Group, Mt Meru Millers, Mufindi Paper Mills Limited and Azam.