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Tanzanian Digital Quality of Life Getting Worse, Study Shows

Tanzania Digital Quality Life Ranking 2022

Cybersecurity company Surfshark has released its 2022 Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index which analyses the quality of digital well-being across 117 countries (92% of the global population).

The study indexes each country according to five pillars that impact a population’s overall digital quality of life.

The DQL index is calculated by looking at 1) internet affordability, 2) internet quality, 3) e-infrastructure, 4) e-security, and 5) e-government.

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According to the index, Tanzania ranks 107th globally (out of 117 countries) and 17th in Africa, with a ranking index of 0.25.

Tanzania’s DQL rank dropped down two positions from 2021, with all the parameters having worsened, particularly internet affordability.

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