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New Food Delivery App Enter Tanzania, a Market of USD 2 Billion

Food delivery app Tanzania

Mobile commerce platform Yamee has entered the Tanzanian market with its proprietary food delivery technology and service that has signed up over sixty merchants. 

The app, available for both android and iPhone, permits users to order a meal from any of the restaurants featured on the platform.

The startup estimates that the take-away food industry in Tanzania is worth USD 2 billion.

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It already operates in Botswana, where it is rebranding from MyFoodness to Yameand, and will soon enter the Congo DRC market.

“We are excited about our launch and all the recognition we have received in our two-years of existence. We work with African and European tech teams for our platforms, to contribute our bit in tech diversification and IP ownership within The Netherlands – and we directly impact the lives of African food merchants, local logistics companies and riders, by increasing their earning opportunities,” says Boi Kgathi Rasmussen, Founder and CEO.

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