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Hunting In Tanzania Will Continue In A Sustainable Manner And Poaching Is Being Tackled, Says Deputy Minister

In a recent parliamentary session Finance Deputy Minister, Mr Mwigulu Nchemba announced that hunting in Tanzania will continue, because of its important contribution to the national GDP.

Mr Nchemba also noted importance of hunting in Tanzania for its impact on the country’s socio-economic development, employing 3,700 and assisting infrastructure for the road network development in hunting related regions.

Mr Nchemba reminded that hunting is currently carried out in line with the Wildlife Act No. 5 of 2009 and tourism hunting guidelines of 2010, and is being overseen by the ministry’s Wildlife Department.

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In relation to poaching and suggestion to stop hunting in Tanzania he replied that the government has already introduced a number of actions to tackle the issue such as increasing the number of wardens and patrols in parks.

Hunters also play a key role in anti-poaching. According to a local stakeholder “only hunting allows reserves to self-sustain and participates in fighting poaching in Tanzania”.

The real contribution of the Wildlife Sector is estimated at between 7% to 10% of the Tanzanian GDP.

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