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Tanzania Tourist Arrivals Up by +62% in the First Seven Months of 2022

Tanzania Tourist Arrivals January-July

The National Bureau of Statistics of Tanzania (NBS) disclosed in a press release that during the period January to July 2022, a total of 742,133 tourists visited the country.

This is an increase of 285,867 tourists, equivalent to +62.7% compared to 456,266 tourists who entered the country during the similar period in 2021.

Out of 742,133 tourist arrivals, 222,449 tourists entered the country through Zanzibar, which is equivalent to 30.0% of total arrivals.

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Tourist arrivals for the month of July 2022 increased to 166,736 tourists from 81,307
tourists visited the country in July 2021, equivalent to an expansion of 105.1%.

Tanzania Tourists Arrivals by Nationality, January-July 2022

During the period January to July 2022, the USA accounted for the largest share of tourist arrivals from regions other than Africa with 51,301 visitors followed by France with 47,403 visitors. Other visitors were from Germany (30,817), Poland (29,004), and Britain (28,275).

Meanwhile, for the month of July 2022 visitors from the United States of America continued to account for the largest share of arrivals with 17,135 visitors, France (12,634), Britain (8,586), Germany (8,015), and the Netherland (5,102).

Tourist arrivals from African countries for the period of January to July 2022, were
from Kenya (86,220), Burundi (54,877), Malawi (27,079), Uganda (21,080) and South
Africa (20,868).

Meanwhile, for the month of July 2022, Kenya took lead with 16,654 tourists, Burundi (7,966), Malawi (5,113), South Africa (4,335), and Rwanda (4,035).

Tanzania Tourism and COVID-19

After the world was hit by COVID-19, many countries-imposed travel restrictions that caused the number of tourist arrivals to Tanzania to decline to 620,867 in 2020, with the smallest number of tourists counted at 7,105 tourists as of April 2020.

In 2021, the number of tourist arrivals increased to 922,692, equivalent to an increase of +48.6%.

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