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Tanzania Aviation Industry Launches New Precision Air Aircraft

The Tanzania aviation industry welcomed a brand new ATR 72-500 aircraft earlier this week at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in Dar es Salaam.

According to Michael Shirima, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Precision Air (PW), the acquisition of this new aircraft will help to boost the firm’s services.

“This is a step towards improving our flight services,” said Mr. Shirima “therefore, we should work as a team to be successful in operating the aviation industry to provide better services to our clients.”

This aircraft is the second of seven ATR models that are scheduled to join the Precision Air fleet as a part of a modernization and expansion program that is expected to increase the airline’s route coverage and overall presence in the African aviation industry.

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The first aircraft was launched earlier this year and the remaining five are scheduled to be completed between now and 2010.

“The new fleet of ATR aircraft responds to our desire and our need to increase our route coverage and our presence in the African skies,” said Mr. Shirima after the announcement of the USD 129 million deal between Precision Air and the Toulouse-based regional aircraft manufacturer ATR first became public in 2006.

“We are convinced that ATR represents the best choice to achieve our goal of renewal and expansion according to the principles of comfort and performance that we want to offer our passengers,” Mr. Shirima continued, ““with this new fleet, we know that Precision Air Services will be operating the most modern aircraft with the highest levels of technology and quality.”

The Managing Director and the CEO of Precision Air, Mr. Alfonse Kioko, indicated as well that the latest ATR acquisition will not only increase the efficiency of the Precision Air fleet, but will also help to create additional flight options for Precision Air customers.

According to Mr. Alfonse, beginning December 1, Precision Air will make two daily flights to Mwanza and, because of the expansion of the flight and the company’s desire to satisfy customer demand, after December 17 the frequency of daily flights to Nairobi will also increase to four.

In addition, Mr. Alfonse noted that the purchase of additional aircrafts by Precision Air should also serve as an indication of the company’s commitment as a serious investor in the aviation industry in Tanzania.

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