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Tanzania Railway Operator Proposes Plan For Improvement Of Freight Services In Central And Tanga Lines


Tanzania Railways Limited (TRL), the state-owned enterprise that runs Tanzania’s main railway network, has recently presented a series of measures to enhance the Tanga Railway Line that connects Tanga and Arusha in Tanzania’s northeastern region.

The measures aim at boosting cargo volume, reducing the freight’s transport time and costs and supporting the variety of goods that can be carried by TRL through the Tanga Railway Line.

In the Tanga – Moshi trajectory that covers a distance below 430 km, the movement of cargo to its destination takes up to three days since the train needs to move at a speed of 30 kilometres per hour (Km-h) instead of the normal speed of 50 Km-h due to the railway network’s poor condition, explained TRL Director General Masanja Kadogosi.

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In addition, the variety of goods that can be transported is reduced since the current infrastructure is in really bad shape and customers, as the Tanga Cement Company Limited (TCC, DSE:TCCL), need to use containerized wagons belonging to East African Rail Hauliers Limited that pays a rent for using the network while TRL is in charge of the maintenance, Mr. Kadogosi added.

Therefore, apart from enhancing the rail network and improving the general infrastructure to be able to offer adequate goods’ transport services, additional sidings might be developed heading to the factories of key companies including Pembe Wheat Mills, Foma Limited, Tanga Mining Corporation, and Rhino Cement Company that would soon join to TRL’s customers if the plan suggested is undertook, Mr. Kadogosi concluded.

The current plan would raise the quantity of companies working with TRL and the cargo volume transported due to a better infrastructure.

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TRL latest available statistics indicates that TCC is one of TRL’s main customers and has moved nearly 69,000 tonnes in the last 18 months ending December, 2015.

According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), Reli Asset Holding Company (RAHCO), in charge of maintaining and developing Tanzania’s rail infrastructure, is also supporting the revival of TRL by developing a plan to replace worn and light weight rails with 80 pounds per yard rails, that is meant to end with the speed restriction and enhance time delivery and boost cargo volume.

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