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Brazil Eying Tanzania Sugar Industry For Biofuel Plants Development

The Brazilian Local Productive Arrangement Alcohol Association (APLA) has partnered with BioenergyConnect to bring biofuel plants to Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda.

According to the Executive Director of APLA, Flavio Castelar, the association is eager to explore opportunities in countries with blend mandates and distilleries already in place.

Brazil is increasingly recognized worldwide for its excellence in the sugarcane industry and for making large-scale alternative energy ethanol solutions.

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“We are looking for sugar mills that are already have sugar production. We can provide technology, machines and equipement for processing sugarcane to produce ethanol and electricirty, this is our expertise” Castelar explained to TanzaniaInvest.com. 

According to the CEO of BioenergyConnect, Nadeem Choudry, the four African countries already have a sugar industry in place and a government blend mandate, which helps to create a demand for the product.

Mr. Choudry explained that BioenergyConnect can provide investment, equity and financing partners as well as the necessary knowledge, know-how, and technology through their association with Brazilian companies.

“The sugar industry is relatively small here [but] there are plans to increase the sugar production,” he said, “There are new expansion projects that are currently planned by the existing sugar companies and other new projects that the government is looking to bring investors into.”

Following their conversations with the Tanzania Ministry of Water and Energy, Mr. Choudry indicated that the government has expressed an interest in developing the Tanzania biofuels industry and hope to develop the sugar industry as a means of developing the ethanol industry.

Brazil is the world’s second largest producer of ethanol fuel, and is considered to have the world’s first sustainable biofuels economy and the biofuel industry leader.

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