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Free Tanzania Farming App Connects Farmers

Tigo Tanzania has introduced a mobile Tanzania farming app that was designed to help connect farmers to agricultural services and market information including commodity market prices, availability of buyers and sellers and weather.

According to John Wanyancha, Tigo’s Corporate Communications Manager, nearly 80% of Tanzanians participate in agricultural activities and the company is eager to support Tanzania farmers with the development of modern farming techniques.

“We can all hold witness to how the sector of agriculture firmly contributes to socio-economic welfare of our country,” he said, “Farmers have a very significant contribution to our society.”

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In a recent interview with the East African Business Week, the Chief Researcher of the Commission of Science and Technology in Tanzania, Dr. Nicholaus Nyange indicated that mobile farming will soon become very important to Tanzania farmers.

“The better use of mobile farming could help farmers make better decisions and hence create a better room for them to do good business for their produce,” he said.

Tigo customers will have free access the farming product that will provide them with the latest market prices, weather forecasts, and better cultivating methods for their crops.

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