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USD 8 Million Fund To Support Tanzania Agribusiness Launched

Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF), has announced the launch of a USD 8 million investing and lending vehicle with a focus on providing support to SME’s in the Tanzanian agricultural sector.

To date, the Government of Tanzania has estimated that agribusiness supports nearly 80% of Tanzanians.

According to a press release issued by the investment manager, SEAF will provide support to Tanzania agribusiness entrepreneurs with a focus on the following sub-sectors: animal feed producers and distributors; export oriented fruit, vegetable, and/or spice processors; equipment leasing finance providers; and non-bank financial institutions serving small, growing agribusinesses.

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It is the mission of SEAF to provide entrepreneurs in underserved markets with the capital, knowledge, and networks they need to grow their businesses and to that end they have invested a total of USD 499 million in 320 companies across 26 countries since 1989.

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