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Tanzania Agriculture First Program Launched

A recent story by The Citizen has indicated that the official launch of Tanzania’s ‘Kilimo Kwanza,’ (Agriculture First) program took place during an event celebrating Farmer’s Day, which took place in the Dodoma Region at the Nzuguni grounds.

According to the executive secretary of the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC), Dunstan Mrutu, who spoke with the Citizen, the launch of this project was very important to the overall green revolution of the country.

“The launch of ‘Kilimo Kwanza’ is timely since it goes hand in hand with Nanenane [Farmers’ Day] celebrations,” said Mr. Mrutu.

The executive secretary went on to say that he was hopeful that the Tanzania agriculture sector will be beneficial in helping to improve living standards in the country and to reduce poverty.

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The Tanzania Agriculture First program, which was created by the TNBC, will be put into practice through a partnership between both public and private sectors.

As a result of TNBC meetings with the Local Investors’ Roundtable and the International Investors’ Routable, more attention was given to increasing investments in agriculture in order to enhance the overall socioeconomic transformation of the country.

Following the announcement of the launch of the project, the Guardian reported that Tanzania had received commendation from the International Labour Organization (ILO), East Africa Office, in honor of its initiative to implement a policy with a goal of enabling the private sector and other stakeholders to use the land and water potential of the country for agricultural activities.

According to the report, this commendation follows previous encouragement by the United Nations to each of its member countries to formulate and implement policies that were specific to their priorities.

A statement that was released by the East African ILO office indicated that more than 170 UN member states had welcomed the adoption of the Global Jobs Pact, which aims to create jobs and stimulate economic recovery in order to counteract effects of the global economic crisis.

“This augurs well for ongoing initiatives in Tanzania under which President Jakaya Kikwete has said some land would be given to the private sector for translating into action the Agriculture First policy,” said a senior ILO official in the Guardian report.

In addition, the ILO Director-General, Juan Somavia went on to explain that the Global Jobs Pact was intended to serve as an urgent call for employment and societal protection plans be placed at the heart of every policy worldwide.

“This resolution provides a strong new element in the growing international support for the ILO’s Global Pact,” said Mr. Somavia, “It is an indication of both the urgency of the situation, and the relevance and timeliness of the pact, and creates a strong platform for follow-up actions in addressing the global jobs crisis.”

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