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Tanzania Agriculture Supported by Turkish Government

The Turkish President, Abdullah Gul, recently paid a visit to Tanzania in order to help modernize and expand the Tanzania agriculture sector and, in doing so, it will also help to advance the country’s ambitions of a green revolution.

During his two-day visit, President Gul complimented the macro-economic gains that had been made by the Tanzania government.

According to President Gul, these gains were achieved because of a strong base of policy reforms, which have helped the country to exhibit significant economic improvements over the last ten years.

“The macro-economic achievements that Tanzania has achieved are very impressive,” said Gul, who promised to work to improve the trade relations between Dar es Salaam and Istanbul.

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While speaking at a news conference in Dar es Salaam, President Gul said that many investors from Turkey had shown interest in investing in the agriculture sector.

As part of the two-day visit by the Turkish president, he and President Jakaya Kikwete, witnessed a signing ceremony of a protocol concerning Technical, Scientific and Economic cooperation in Agriculture.

As reported by the Daily News, President Kikwete said that, “the Protocol will serve as an important reminder of the commitment and readiness of our two governments to work together in partnership for our mutual benefit.”

The protocol was signed by the Tanzanian Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives, Stephen Wassira, and the Turkish Minister of State, Mustafa Yazicioglu.

According to Mr. Wassira, the protocol will facilitate the exchange of information between the two countries, including the outcome of various agricultural researches, which will, in turn, help to promote the advancement of the sector.

“They are very advanced in agricultural training and that is one area that is covered in the protocol,” said Mr. Wassira, who went on to explain that the protocol also made allowances for quickening the procedures involved for Turkish investors in the sector.

“We would like them to invest in our agriculture,” said Mr. Wassira, “from the cultivation to the processing of our agricultural products which will add value to our exports.”

In addition to this, Mr. Wassira said that the protocol also includes areas other than the agricultural sector, such as farming, livestock and fisheries.

In addition to emphasizing the importance of strong bilateral ties, during his visit to Tanzania, President Gul also extended an invitation to President Kikwete to visit Turkey.

“We reiterate our commitment in forging farther bilateral ties,” said President Gul.

In response to President Gul’s invitation, President Kikwete has said that he will visit Turkey before the end of this year.

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