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Tanzania Agriculture Training Program Identifies Opportunities For Youth

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) has launched an agricultural training program in Tanzania similar to those already in operation in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo with the intent of tackling youth unemployment while, at the same time, encouraging young people to revolutionize both the domestic Tanzania agriculture sector and the agriculture sectors throughout Africa.

The ITTA program dubbed ‘IITA Youth Agripreneurs’ will bring together more than 40 graduates of different disciplines, 25 of whom will be Tanzanians, to be trained in the use of modern farming methods to carry out processing as well as useful business skills to teach them how to run their own agriculture programs.

According to the IITA Regional Corporate Communications Officer for East and Southern Africa, Catherine Njuguna, the energy, skills and knowledge of the youth allows them to easily adapt and absorb the training.

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“If we empower [young people] and use them effectively, they will be able to transform agriculture into business in Tanzania and Africa at large,” she said in a statement to the East African Business Week.

Ms. Njuguna went on to indicate that the programs are currently focused on engaging university students at the degree, masters and PHD levels to focus on generating employment for the large number of Tanzania and African graduates who are currently unemployed.

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