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Yara International to Boost Tanzanian Agriculture

As part of a national initiative to boost Tanzania’s high-potential Agriculture Sector, multi-billion dollar Norwegian fertiliser company, Yara-International will setup a fertiliser manufacturing facility in Tanzania that will see higher farmer access to inputs and greater harvests.

Yara Tanzania distributed fertilisers to farmers across the country and has strategized ways to improve productivity and harvest output in the agriculture industry which employs more than 80% of the country’s labour.

Country Director for Yara Tanzania Pal Oystein Stormorken says “Results have been very impressive; improved productivity, increased harvests per unit area and improved farmers’ income”.

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Stormorken noted that fertiliser production heavily depended on the natural gas resource of the country, with Tanzania’s recent discovery and ongoing development of the natural gas resource sub-sectors as fertiliser production are very possible and profitable for the country.

The production will not only cater for the Tanzanian market but the whole of East Africa, “…In fact, if we are to set up a fertiliser plant here, it is not going to be for Tanzania alone. We will export our products to other East African countries and the rest of the continent. In other words, it must be a largescale fertiliser-plant. That’s why we have to be satisfied with the availability of the basic raw material (natural gas)” Stormorken added.

Yara International is a Norwegian chemical company with global ventures in the production of fertiliser and was the world’s first mineral nitrogen fertiliser producer, with operations in more than 50 countries, its presence in Tanzania’s emerging market will be an added complement to the country’s globalizing economy.

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