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Dar Es Salaam Buildings Value Higher than Nairobi

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According to a recent report by the World Bank (WB) titled “Africa’s Cities – Opening Doors to the World”, the total economic value of buildings in Dar es Salaam is estimated at around UDS12 billion.

This is estimated at just less than three times the city’s share of GDP and quite more than the estimated values for Nairobi (UDD9 billion) and Kigali (USD2 billion).

The reports stresses that the value is highly concentrated near the city center, with more than 20% of the value of buildings being in the square kilometer around the city center.

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The report reminds that restrictive regulations in Dar es Salaam requires lots to be at least 400 square meters, resulting in widespread informal ownership (de facto illegal) and one-fourth of the city’s homeowners having no documentary proof of ownership.

Developments that are out of compliance are condemned to be unplanned and excluded from water and sanitation services.

According to the WB, a more effective approach would be to rationalize standards for development based on performance (for example, structural integrity) and affordability by the local population.

Dar Es Salaam population that is now estimated to be more than 4.3 million residents is projected to reach 10 million or more by the early 2030s.

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