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Tanzania to Further Develop Cooperation With China, Magufuli Say

China-Tanzania Stronger Cooperation

On 15th December 2020, Tanzanian President John Magufuli and Chinese President Xi Jinping held an hour-long phone call during which they talked about further strengthening relations and cooperation, especially in economic matters.

President Jinping congratulated President Magufuli for being elected for a second term and for the good work done in the first five years of his administration when the economy has grown stronger, making Tanzania a leading country for economic growth in Africa.

He also congratulated President Magufuli for the successful implementation of strategic projects including the construction of a modern standard gauge railway and the 2,115 megawatts Rufiji River Dam, and stated that China will look at how to cooperate with Tanzania in the implementation of these major projects.

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For his part, President Magufuli assured President Jinping that Tanzania will further develop and enhance its long-standing relationship with China and will continue to support China on various international issues.

President Magufuli said that Tanzania welcomes traders and investors from China in various areas like manufacturing, tourism, construction, and trade for the benefit of both parties.

In addition, President Magufuli asked China to cooperate with Tanzania in investing in large projects by providing cheap loans.

Some of these projects are the 358 megawatts and the 222 megawatts power plants on the Ruhudji river and the Rumakali river, and the construction of roads in Zanzibar.

Tanzania China Relations

China is Tanzania’s first trade partner and investor with USD 1.77 billion worth of imports and USD 177.5 million in investments in 2018.

Tanzania is China’s largest aid recipient country in Africa. The largest Chinese-supported projects in Tanzania include the Tanzania Zambia Railway (TAZARA), the Friendship Textile Mill, the Mubarali Rice Farm, the Kiwira Coal Mine, and the Mahonda Sugar Cane Factory.

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