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Tanzania Export Processing Zones Authority Welcomes New Investors

According to recent reports, eight new companies have been granted certificates by the Tanzania Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) with the idea that they will begin investing in the country’s export processing zones (EPZs).

During a brief ceremony that was held earlier this month in Dar es Salaam, Dr. Adelhelm Meru, the Director General of the EPZA, handed the certificates to the eight receiving companies, both local and foreign.

Dekker Bruins Tanzania Ltd, Diamond & Gamestone, Fresh Air Ltd, Premier Agro Processing Ltd, Quality Pulse, Rods Limited, Tanzania Rods Industries Ltd and Tube Ltd are only the latest of a total of 85 companies that have been registered to work under the EPZA since registration began last November.

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Dr. Meru announced that he expects that more companies will also show interest as registration continues.

In addition, the EPZA Director General also went on to explain that the 85 companies that have already registered have been divided into two categories, infrastructure developers and manufacturers, in both of which Dekker Bruins Tanzania Ltd is currently listed.

Currently, there are a total of 42 companies that make up the infrastructure developer’s category and a total of 43 companies in the manufacturer’s category.

“The first group focuses mainly on developing the infrastructure while the rest do the manufacturing business”, explained Dr. Meru.

In addition, the Director General went on to explain that, not only had the new companies been responsible for the creation of more than 3,000 jobs, but they would now also be involved in the manufacturing of packaging materials, lapidary, agro processing, agricultural and construction equipment.

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Dr. Meru estimated that the companies, only three of which are foreign, have invested approximately USD 37 million to date.

The foreign companies involved in these projects, Diamond & Gamestone and Dekker Bruins, announced shortly after having received their certificates from the EPZA that that the political stability and security in Tanzania played a big role in their decision to invest in the country.

In addition, the foreign companies went on to comment the Tanzania government for creating an environment that is conducive, that has witnessed the growth of the private sector and has successfully attracted more foreign direct investments.

Since beginning its operations nearly four years ago, the EPZA has made some significant achievements such as successfully exporting goods worth more than TZS 300billlion and the successful creation thousands of jobs.

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