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Dar Es Salaam Power Plant to Produce 150 MW by Mid-2014

Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) has announced that it expects to produce 150 MW from the Kinyerezi Plant in Dar es Salaam by mid-2014.

The news was recently announced by Decklan Mhaiki, Deputy Managing Director of TANESCO.

The announcement comes after an agreement made earlier this year for the construction of the Kinyerezi III plant through a joint deal worth USD 300 million by TANESCO and China Power Investment (CPI).

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TANESCO expects to achieve production of 150MW by mid-2014 and that a further 1,190MW is expected to be produced by the Kinyerezi plant by 2015.

Increased gas supplies and new investments in the energy sector within Tanzania have led to the announcement that the country is expecting to achieve a power surplus of 1,500 MW by 2015 providing the possibility to export electricity.


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