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International Finance Corporation To Finance USD 7 Million To Expand Tanzania Solar Energy


In an effort to further expand the reach of solar power in Tanzania the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has announced a new financing scheme for Off Grid Electric, which provides mobile-operated solar electric systems to consumers in rural and urban Tanzania.

The financing, consists of a $4.5 million loan provided through the IFC Cleantech Innovation Facility and an additional $2.5 million loan from Cordiant Capital of Montreal, Canada.

According to the IFC, there is a critical need for renewable energy in Tanzania where households spend more than USD 900 million each year on their electricity needs.

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“Solar energy offers a cleaner, longer-lasting alternative to kerosene fuels, which contribute heavily to greenhouse gases,” said the IFC, “Off Grid Electric offers a low cost model for households [while] reducing the upfront cost to customers and minimizing the risks associated with maintenance and repair.”

The CEO and co-founder of Off Grid Electric, Xavier Helgesen, explained that the IFC financing will allow the company to expand their operations across Africa.

As a solar leasing company, Off Grid Electric provides home solar electric systems in rural and urban Tanzania with the goal of reaching 200,000 households by the end of 2015.

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