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Tanzania Oil Drilling To Begin In Rukwa Rift Basin

After a successful exploration in the Rukwa Rift Basin area of Tanzania, Heritage Rukwa Tanzania has announced plans to commence drilling its first experimental oil well.

According to the Tanzania Deputy Minister for Energy and Minerals, Charles Kitwanga, who spoke in Parliament on Tuesday, preliminary exploration of oil in the area began in December 2012 and continued through March 2013, during which time nearly 630 jobs were created for local area residents.

Heritage Rukwa Tanzania was awarded a Product Sharing Agreement (PSA) of nearly the entire Rukwa Rift Basin in November 2011 with 100% operating interest in both Rukwa North and Rukwa South.

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An initial interpretation of 2D seismic data was gathered and interpreted during the first quarter of 2013 and showed the Rukwa South license as the principal prospectivity, which resulted in the surrender of the Rukwa North license in order to focus efforts on the Rukwa South license where several prospects have been identified.

Heritage currently operates two licenses in Tanzania at the Rukwa Rift Basin and at the Kyela PSA, which covers the northern onshore area of the Lake Nyasa Basin in Tanzania.

Results from satellite radar surveys have shown indications of areas of wave-calming in both Lake Rukwa and in Lake Nyasa, which may be evidence of oil seeps.

While detailed prospect mapping and evaluation is reportedly ongoing, Heritage has indicated that a multi-well drilling program for both licenses is planned for 2014/2015.

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