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Siemens South Africa Considering Investment In Tanzania Energy Sector

According to the Tanzania Ministry of Energy & Minerals weekly bulletin, Siemens South Africa visited the Ministry for the purpose of discussing investment opportunities in energy in Tanzania.

Siemens’ CEO Sabine Dall’Omo met with various stakeholders including Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO), its subsidiary anzania Geothermal Development Company Limited, National Development Corporation (NDC ) and State Mining Corporation (STAMICO).

Dall’Omo explained that the company has long experience in all matters relating to energy infrastructure including the installation of electricity generation and maintenance of relevant infrastructure.

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Deputy Minister of Energy & Mining, Charles Mwijage welcomed Siemens to invest in the many existing opportunities in energy in Tanzania, to ensure many more rural villages access electricity.

Currently 85% of the total energy production is consumed in the rural areas where the majority of Tanzanians live ad addressing the energy requirements in rural areas is in line with the provisions contained in the Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

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