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Solar Energy System To Reach 1.5 Million Tanzanian Households By 2020

A solar home system technology from Bangladesh is being introduced in Tanzania by Rex Energy to provide solar energy (PV) to households in rural Tanzania not connected to the power grid.

Branded “3G” the system is able to provide power for bulbs, one TV, a laptop and charge mobile phones according to Rex Energy Managing Director Francis Kibhisa.

The system is sold at around TZS 400,000 (USD 215) and can be paid on installments.

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Most rural households in Tanzania rely on kerosene lamps for their power need.

The company aims to light up 1.5 households by 2020 and expand in East Africa.

Meanwhile there are ongoing efforts to connect more than 1/3 of the country or 14 million Tanzanians to the national grid by June 2015, including most of the rural villages, through the ongoing rural electrification initiative.

The country also aims at 50% of Tanzanians to be connected by the electric grid by 2025.


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