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Tanzania Power Welcomes Construction and Expansion Project

The construction and expansion of nearly 2,880km of the Tanzania power grid is scheduled to begin early next year following the recent acquisition of USD 65 million by two US-based energy firms who are planning to begin the construction of a power transmission line that will extend to the Mwanza, Tanga, Dodoma, Mbeya and Iringa regions of the country.

Pike Electric Corporation and Symbion Power LLC, who have worked together previously on three separate projects in Tanzania that have been valued at USD 19 million, are anticipating that this latest project will be completed within two years.

Traditionally, Chinese construction companies have dominated the African landscape, while American construction companies have been noticeably absent; however, Pike Electric Corporation and Symbion Power LLC are working to alter that image along with several other American companies, who plan to remain visible in Tanzania and other East African countries for the foreseeable future.

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According to a recent interview that Eric Pike, the chairman and chief executive officer of Pike Electric Corporation, gave to The EastAfrican in Dar es Salaam, his energy firm is planning on participating in the Tanzania electric infrastructure build out.

Mr. Pike went on to indicate that Pike Electric Corporation will both train and employ and the Tanzanian workforce in modern construction techniques that can be applied in order to help provide more reliable power throughout Tanzania.

The acquisition of this project marks the fourth contract that Symbion has been awarded in Tanzania this year alone and the second contract that has been awarded to the firm under the Millennium Challenge Account-Tanzania.

According to the chief executive officer of Symbion, Paul Hinks, the Millennium Challenge has entrusted his firm with nearly USD 100 million of electrification work across the country.

“Other components of the Energy Projects include the manufacture and installation of a new 100 megawatt submarine power cable linking Zanzibar to Mainland Tanzania,” said Mr. Hinks to the EastAfrican,

In addition to this project, Symbion Power is also working with the French firm Areva on a contract that was awarded in April and is valued at USD 45 million to be used towards the substation work in Zanzibar.

The chief executive officer of the Millennium Challenge, Bernard Mchomvu, has indicated that each of the contracts that is awarded marks the achievement of another important milestone in the continued execution of the USD 206 million MCC Energy Project.

Mr. Mchomvu went on to indicate that another key factor to the MCC Compact is the construction or the rehabilitation of 25 power substations on both the Tanzania Mainland and in Unguja.

Along with the Tanzania Energy Project, the MCC Compact also incorporates major components that will provide significant support to both the transportion and the water sectors within the country.

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