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Tanzania to Develop 100 MW Wind Farm

The wind power plant project in the Singida Region, 700 km from the commercial capital Dar es Salaam, was confirmed.

The plant will produce 100 megawatts by mid-2015, power that will be injected in the Tanzanian electricity grid. 

The Singida wind farm will be Tanzania’s first viable independent wind energy power plant.

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Resulting from Tanzania’s recent renewable energy policy, it will increase reliability on green power supply, reduce Tanzania’s dependency nn unreliable hydropower and on fuel imports for emergency power supply.

Singida will also allow for less volatile power cost, as tariffs for wind energy remain relatively constant as opposed to fuel sourced electricity.

The USD 285 Million project is financed by the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank Group’s private arm, Aldwych and Six Telecoms and other international financial intuitions.

The farm will be owned by Wind East Africa and will be operated by a management company led by Aldwych and Six Telecoms.

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