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Tanzanian Government Ensures Reliable Power Supply

The Tanzanian Government partnered with the Rural Energy Agency (REA) to improve electricity services and power connectivity in various regions across the country, and is determined to achieve its goal of increasing per capita consumption and electrification levels from 81kWh and 18.4% of the population in 2011 to 200kWh and 30% of the people by 2015.

According to the Energy and Minerals Minister Professor Sospeter Muhongo, over 24 % of Tanzanians are currently connected to the grid, with the high possibility of the government exceeding its goal and reaching 40% of the power connected population sooner than expected.

The number of households connected to electricity more than doubled during the last decade due to the start of gas and coal power generators, lowered connectivity fees, and increased investments.

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Among the major new developments in energy production Professor Muhongo recently named a coming investment of USD 4billion from the government, and REA rural electrification plans to connect 121 more villages in Sindiga Region by the end of this year.

REA had started its large scale rural electrification programme in 2010, and is currently on phase two of the project.

Estimated total funds required to finish the project are TZS 881 billion, with REA currently seeking over TZS 400 billion to complete the second phase by 2015.

Such a commitment of Tanzanian Government to ensure reliable power supply was welcomed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Assistant Administrator for Africa Mr Early Gast, stating that USAID is going to collaborate with the Government on resolving power issues.

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