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The Lighting Rural Tanzania Competition Accepts Rural Electrification Proposals

The third grant award Lighting Rural Tanzania Competition program (LRTC2014) had started accepting proposals designed to improve rural electrification through innovative, affordable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy services for off-grid rural communities in Mainland Tanzania.

The competition’s main topic is “Promotion of Micro-Grids for electrification of remote off-grid rural villages and islands in Mainland Tanzania”, with six following sub-themes: service delivery, product innovation, environment, health, safety, and natural resources.

As the LRTC2014 statement reads: “All competitions under this program aim at increasing access to modern energy services, improving lighting technologies and substituting the use of kerosene and candles for lighting in rural areas”.

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Twenty winners of the Competition will be given funds amounting up to TZS 232 million to implement their projects within twelve months.

Non-government organizations (NGOs), private foundations, universities, schools, local and municipal governments and private sector groups are encouraged to apply for the fund until the application deadline on May 23rd 2014.

The Lightning Rural Tanzania Competition was started in 2010 by the Rural Energy Agency of Tanzania (REA) with the support of the World Bank.

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