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Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) – Tanzania

Tanzania Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF)

The Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) is a premier policy research institution in Tanzania. Established in 1994, ESRF has been at the forefront of socio-economic policy analysis and development in Tanzania.

The foundation aims to strengthen capabilities in economic and social research, enhancing policy formulation and implementation processes.

Mission and Vision

Mission: ESRF is dedicated to conducting high-quality research and providing consultancy services that inform policy decisions. The foundation’s work is geared towards promoting sustainable development and socio-economic transformation in Tanzania.

Vision: To be a leading institution in policy research and capacity development in Tanzania and the wider East African region.

Core Activities

1. Research and Analysis: ESRF undertakes extensive research in various socio-economic fields, including poverty reduction, sustainable development, trade, investment, and governance. The foundation’s research helps in shaping effective policies that address the nation’s socio-economic challenges.

2. Capacity Building: ESRF provides training and capacity-building programs aimed at enhancing the skills of policy makers, researchers, and other stakeholders in the socio-economic sector.

3. Consultancy Services: ESRF offers consultancy services to government institutions, private sector organizations, and international development partners, providing expert advice and evidence-based solutions.

4. Knowledge Dissemination: The foundation actively disseminates research findings through publications, policy briefs, workshops, seminars, and conferences. ESRF’s publications are a vital resource for policymakers, researchers, and academicians.

Key Research Areas

ESRF focuses on several critical research areas that are pivotal to Tanzania’s development agenda:

Economic Growth and Development: Analyzing the drivers of economic growth and formulating strategies to achieve sustainable development.
Poverty Reduction: Identifying effective measures to reduce poverty and improve the living standards of Tanzanians.
Governance and Accountability: Promoting good governance practices and accountability in public administration.
Trade and Investment: Enhancing trade policies and investment strategies to boost economic growth.
Environment and Natural Resources: Researching sustainable management of natural resources and environmental conservation.

Achievements and Impact

Over the years, ESRF has made significant contributions to Tanzania’s policy landscape. The foundation’s research has informed key policy decisions and reforms, leading to improved socio-economic outcomes. ESRF has also built a robust network of partners, including government agencies, international organizations, and academic institutions, further amplifying its impact.

Contact Information

For more information about ESRF, research publications, consultancy services, or upcoming events, please contact:

Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF)
51 Uporoto Street (Off Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road), Ursino Estate
P.O. Box 31226
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255 22 2760260-2
Email: esrf@esrf.or.tz
Website: www.esrf.or.tz