Receiving Money is Free During Tabaski With Ecobank RapidTransfer

Ecobank RapidtEcobank Rapidtranfer FREE Tabaskiranfer FREE Tabaski

During Tabaski (Eid al-Adha), sending money to Ecobank users via with Rapidtransfer is free. Pay zero fees on the first 5 transactions from 1st-31st July 2021 with promo code Tabaski21.

The money is received instantly into the Ecobank account, Mobile wallet, Ecobank branch or Xpress point.

Ecobank RapidTransfer

Hundreds of thousands of people across Africa trust Rapidtransfer to send money and make payments. You can receive money from Europe.

Fast, safe and reliable, it’s the only pan-African money transfer and payment service owned by an African bank.

Fore more details visit Ecobank RapidTransfer:

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