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Ecobank Tanzania hopeful of Economic Growth as Tanzania celebrates Union Day

As Tanzania celebrates the 49th Year of the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar on April 26, 2013 Ecobank Tanzania is confident about the country’s economic prospects.

Ecobank Tanzania Managing Director said “Tanzania is at the cusp of an economic breakthrough and we look forward to helping shape this process and make it a reality. We are doing this by leveraging our 25 years experience and expertise across 33 African countries in providing clients with reliable, convenient and accessible financial solutions. That said, Tanzania cannot do this in isolation and will certainly need the support of the 56 African countries including its EAC neighbors’ to maximize its potential. With some 50 financial institutions in the country, many are called to actualize this agenda but Ecobank remains the chosen bank for regional integration by virtue of our unparalleled network, deep connections and unique insights of the individual markets .”

The Tanzanian economy is growing rapidly and has opportunities in various sectors including Agriculture, Infrastructure, Tourism, Tele-communications and more recently the Oil and Gas discoveries.

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“Our strategic priorities are aligned with Tanzania’s socioeconomic imperatives ensuring that as pioneers of pan-African banking, we contextualize our tactics and approach to achieve maximum impact in the delivery of financial services to a broad spectrum of customers. Ecobank inatuwezesha is our promise, so we look forward to giving numerous Tanzanians a passport to financial freedom. Pamoja, tunaweza kwenda mbali.”added Enoch Osei-Safo.

Ecobank Tanzania is focussed on socio-economic empowerment in the country with participation in assisting financial inclusion, developing the investment potential in the Tanzania and environmental conservation.

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