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Tanzania Bourse Records Improved Performance in January

According to recent reports, the Tanzania bourse, namely the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), has recently recovered from an extremely low performance in the previous month.

During the January, 2009 session, the DSE recorded a turnover of TSHs 21.10 million and traded 22,153 shares in 56 different deals.

This is a significant performance increase from the previous month in which the DSE recorded a TSHs 9.7million turnover with 10,934 shares being traded in 56 different deals.

These reports have listed the National Microfinance Bank (NMB), Twiga Bancorp (TWIGA) as two of the best performers over the course of the month.

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Overall the NMB counter traded 13,031 shares in 21 deals at a rate of TSHs 940 per share, while the TWIGA counter traded449 shares in 10 deals at a rate of TSHs 1,600 per share.

Simba, Swissport, Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC), Dar es Salaam Community Bank (DCB), Tanzania Breweries Ltd (TBL), and TOL also performed relatively well last month.

Overall, the SIMBA counter traded 50 shares in one deal at a rate of TShs 1,880 per share; the Swissport counter traded 900 shares in four deals at a rate of TShs 600 per share; the TCC counter traded 562 shares in two deals at a rate of TShs 1,680 per share; the DCB counter traded 4,300 shares in four deals at a rate of TShs350 per share; the TBL counter traded 2,712 in 13 deals at a rate of TShs1,820 per share; and the TOL counter traded 99 shares traded in one deal at the rates of TShs 290 and TShs 285 per share.

Overall, the NMB counter accounted for 72.21 per cent of the turnover at the DSE.

In addition to the overall monthly improvements that were recorded from the month of January, as recently as last week, the turnover at the Tanzania bourse was continuing to improve.

According to a report in the Citizen overall, last week the DSE traded 822,185 shares worth a total of TShs 847.52 million in 562 deals, which is an improvement over the 91,446 shares worth a total of TShs 109.89 million that were transacted during the previous week.

The two highest performers were, once again the NMB and TWIGA.

In 379 deals made last week, the NMB counter traded 667,833 shares at a rate of TShs 612.03 million as compared to the 44,921 shares worth TShs 42.23 million that were transacted in 93 deals the previous week.

Following the NMB, the Twiga counter recorded the trade of 126,383 shares in 64 deals at a rate of TShs 202.21 million, which shows continued improvement from the recorded 20,537 shares that were worth Sh32.86 million and were traded in 76 deals a week earlier.

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