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Tanzania Weekly Market Report 11th to 15th August, 2014

According to CORE Securities, named East Africa Best Advisory Brokerage by Capital Finance International, the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange total turnover during the week ending August 15th 2014 increased by +50% to 2,039.61 milion from 1,359.20 milion the previous week. 

Foreign Investors participated by 0.00% while Local Investors by 100.00%. 

On Friday 15th August 2014 DSEI setteled at 2,434.98 (+1.52%), TSI closed at 4,229.42 (+1.81%), IA closed at 5,264.47 (+2.89%) and BI closed at 3,574.37 (-0.36%) points.

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Most of activites were sen on CRDB & NMB counters. TOL remains at TZS 480 per share. 


On Friday 15th August 20141USD=TZS 1,656.71 (BOT mean rate).


On Friday 15th August 2014 Closing Spot Price was TZS 69,54.60 per gram.

The full copy of CORE Securities Market Report is made available by TanzanaInvest.com:  


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