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Tanzania Appoints New Head of Insurance Regulatory Body

Baghayo Abdallah Saqware Commissioner TIRA

The President of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. John Pembe Magufuli, has appointed Dr. Baghayo Abdallah Saqware Commissioner of Insurance of the Tanzania Insurance Regularity Authority (TIRA) on February 25, 2017.

The appointment of Dr. Abdallah Baghayo Saqware begins immediately.

Prior to the appointment, Dr. Abdallah Baghayo Saqware was lecturer at the Institute of Finance Management (IFM).

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He succeeds Mr. Israel Kamuzora who has retired.

TIRA was established under the Insurance Act No.10 of 2009 to regulate and supervise the Tanzanian insurance sector.

The functions of the Authority include:
Registration of insurance agents;
Registration of insurance assessors and loss surveyors;
Registration of insurance brokers;
Registration of insurance companies;
Registration of Reinsurance companies;
Inspection of all insurance players;
Handling insurance complaints from the public; and
Creation of insurance awareness to the Public.

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