Tanzania Mobile Money Go Global

Tanzania mobile money mpesa global

Vodacom M-Pesa, Tanzania’s leading mobile money service provider, recently announced the expansion of its International Money Transfer service portfolio, giving its customers the ability to transfer and receive funds from individuals across over 200 countries.

Vodacom M-Pesa has broadened its portfolio of partnerships and countries over the past few months to widen its Money transfer service worldwide.

At the global level, partners include MoneyGram, WorldRemit, Remitly and JubaExpress, all of whom enable customers to receive money from over 200 countries directly into their M-Pesa wallet.

Tanzania Mobile Money

According to the latest quarterly communication statistics of the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) of March 2020, the value of mobile money transactions in Tanzania reached TZS 9 trillion (USD 3.9 billion), of which M-Pesa account for TZS 5 trillion (USD 2.2 billion).

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