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International Chemical Firms Pursue Tanzania

Tanzania’s discovery of natural gas resources are proving a valuable asset to sub-sectors that require natural gas as a substantial component of their production, such as the agro-chemicals industry that sees more than 10 world-class chemical companies now express business interest in Tanzania.

The chemical companies including multi-billion dollar fertilizer manufacturers that use natural gas for production have shown an interest for serious investments in Mtwara.

Minister for Energy and Minerals; Prof Sospeter Muhongo said “We are in serious business with the newly found gas in Mtwara. Let them be ready for big time investment that are going there. Ten companies that have so far shown interest to go to Mtwara are not vendors. They are big companies with chains of chemical manufacturing plants.”

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Tanzania Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade; Gregory Teu revealed that three Indian corporations are pursuing investment and trade possibilities in Tanzania; Prochemical Limited, Deepack Fertliser and Tata have all approached Tanzania with business interest in Mtwara.

Several more applications for investment from natural gas and relevant sub-sectors continue to flow into the country as Tanzania revealed more than 35 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas on its territory.

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