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Tanzania Gatsby Trust Publishes its 2012 Annual Report

Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT) is a registered charitable Trust in Tanzania since 1992 for poverty alleviation by enabling hundreds of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to carry out productive and profitable enterprises through innovations, published its 2012 Annual Report.

The services provided by TGT include business and technical skills development, linkage to financial services and farm inputs, value addition , market access (to growth oriented sectors such as horticulture, textile, apparel, poultry) coaching, mentoring and networking and consultancy services.

According to the Report, TGT closes the 2012 year on a positive note, courtesy of the excellent work and cooperation of the Board of Trustees, diligent management and staff. 

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However challenges remain especially in the implementation of the Tanzania Cotton and Textile Development Programme which mainly stem from political interference.

This is why TGT welcome new partners to sustain efforts to build a thriving private sector in Tanzania.

The Report includes TGT’s 2012-2014 strategy and activities, a continuation of its goal of “empowering vulnerable groups and SMEs with entrepreneurial skills and opportunities within the various sectors value chains” as response to address such needs.

TGT 2012 Annual Report is available for free download courtesy of TanzaniaInvest.com: https://tanzaniainvest.com/downloads/Tanzania-Gatsby-Trust-Annual-Report-2012.pdf

Interested parties should contact: 

The Chief Executive Officer
Tanzania Gatsby Trust
7th Floor-PPF House Samora & Morogoro Road Corner
P.O.Box 8695, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Mob: +255 75 478 1129
Tel: +255 22 211 2900
Fax: +255 22 211 2899

Email: Tgt@tanzania-gatsby.com

Website: www.tanzania-gatsby.com

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