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Tanzania Manufacturing Supported by Bureau of Standards

The Tanzania manufacturing industry recently received a push from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), which announced that it will continue to support manufacturers whose products have been certified.

This certification is required in order to help the manufacturers combat against competitors with counterfeit products.

According to the director of the TBS, Charles Ekelege, his organization aims to provide assistance to manufacturers who have been given standards mark licenses and whose products are in line with the required standards.

In addition, Mr. Ekelege went on to say that another role of the TBS is to ensure that the appropriate standards for the country’s products were put in place for the protection of all parties involved.

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Mr. Ekelege also indicated that the TBS was also responsible for the promotion of these standards as well as the promotion of the quality assurance services that were available in the country.

“We will help you by leading the fight against substandard products in the local market,” said Mr. Ekelege.

In order to combat the production of substandard goods, Mr. Ekelege said that the TBS is in the beginning stages of employing a program that will conduct surveillance inspections on both destination and entry points as well as an on-track Pre-shipment Verification of Conformity to Standards (PVoC).

Mr. Ekelege went on to say that in order to ensure that the manufacturers are continuing to produce quality goods, the TBS will conduct follow-ups.

“We will make follow-ups to ensure that you keep producing according to the standards against which your products have been certified,” he said.

According to Mr. Ekelege, the TBS has helped to improve the standardization and quality assurance activities in the country in part by conducting sensitization seminars as well as through the employment of the Packaging Technology Centre (PTC), and through the accreditation of labs and the on-track Client Service Charter, all of which are scheduled to be completed in July.

During the recent inauguration of the TBS Executive Council (EC), the minister of Tanzania Industry, Trade and Marketing, Dr. Mary Nagu, said that there was no reason for there to be substandard and counterfeit products in the local market.

“The new Standards Act gives you the powers you require to carry out your responsibilities effectively,” said Dr. Nagu, “The government will ensure that the law operates as soon as possible so as to give TBS more powers to guarantee products quality and hence develop our industry and the trade sector. This will finally bring about much desired economic growth.”

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