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Tanzanian Businesses to Adopt Japanese Model that Improves Productivity

Tanzania’s Ministry of Industry and Trade has signed a pact with the government of Japan to adopt a Japanese production method which has been shown to improve company productivity.

The concept, known as Kaizen (Japanese for ‘improvement’), will be utilized over three years by 30 Tanzanian companies from a variety of sectors that include agriculture, construction, and engineering.

It will boost government and industry performance by improving quality control, technology, productivity, leadership, and work place safety, in order to attract local and foreign investors.

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The Kaizen method was identified and prioritized by Tanzania’s National 5-Year Development Plan that aims to make the country middle-income by 2025.

The project will be heavily promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Small and Industrial Development Organizations, the College of Business Education, and companies in the private sector.

Tanzanian businesses who have signed on board with this project will be trained and monitored from now until 2016.

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