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Tanzania Mobile Phone Company To Hire New General Manager

Tigo Tanzania has announced that their current General Manager, Diego Gutierrez, will be moving to a new role in the group as Millicom’s Head of Mobile Financial Services for Latin America as of April 1, 2015.

Mr.  Gutierrez will be temporarily replaced by Cecile Tiano who comes to Tanzania with prior experience as Tigo’s interim General Manager in DR Congo and as a previous consultant to both Tigo Ghana and Tigo Tanzania.

According to Arthur Bastings, Millicom’s Executive Vice President for Africa, since Mr. Gutierrez first joined Tigo Ghana in 2009, he has helped to spur the overall growth of Tigo and while also helping Tanzania to become a leader in the mobile financial sector.

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“Diego has done a fantastic job at Tigo – providing real innovation in the market with a number of world firsts,” he said, “Partly as a result of his contributions, Tanzania has become a world leader in the Mobile Financial Services space and the internet has become an affordable reality for broad parts of the population.”

During his tenure as General Manager, Mr. Gutierrez grew his group by 100% to over eight million customers, successfully rolled out 3G and MFS and introduced innovative products including free Facebook and Tigopesa.

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