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Tanzania Tourism can Withstand Pending Global Recession

In spite of the pending global recession, experts remain optimistic that the Tanzania tourism industry can remain strong because of the firm foundation it has with the domestic and cultural resources that are already available within the country and have yet to be fully exploited.

Tanzania currently maintains its projection of reaching USD  1.35 billion in revenues from tourism next year, which is an increase from this year’s projected income of USD 1.2 billion.

In order for this to be accomplished, tourism experts have said that there will need to be a shift in policy and marketing strategies and that Tanzania will need to become more aggressive in promoting domestic and cultural tourism as the economic recession is hitting hard in the country’s source markets of North America and Europe.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, tourism expert Boaz Nyanga said that the reduced incomes in developed countries would most likely effect the number and level of spending of tourists coming to Tanzania.

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According to Mr. Nyanga, stakeholders should now be encouraged to engage in promoting alternative forms of tourism, such as domestic and cultural, in order to balance the negative effects of this loss in revenues.

“We should encourage our people to visit local attractions more frequently,” said Mr. Nyanga, “much as the government commits itself to improving infrastructure.”

According to this expert, cultural tourism should be promoted in such a way that people are encouraged to start their own businesses, using simple and easy regulations so as not to discourage investors.

According to Mr. Nyagna, this system of promotion is currently being used effectively in South Africa and these same methods should be employed in Tanzania.

In order for this to become possible, however, Mr. Nyanga told the Guardian that public education was needed so as to change the mindset of locals about tourism to something that is not only available to foreigners.

Last year, the tourism sector was the country’s leading foreign exchange earner, bringing in approximately 719,030 tourists and just over USD 1 billion.

However, according to Mr. Nyanga, tourism in Tanzania also has much to offer in the way of domestic and cultural resources given its vast variety animals, mountains, rivers, museums, large cinemas, gardens, beaches and buildings, of which the social and economic importance has not yet been fully exploited or explained to many.

During this time of global recession, according to tourism expert Mr. Nyanga in an interview with the Guardian newspaper, the most effective way of promoting and sustaining tourism in Tanzania will be through utilizing the domestic and cultural tourism resources that are currently available within the country.

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