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Tanzania Tourism Outlook: Profit, Forecast and New Marketing Strategy

Tanzanian Deputy Minister for Agriculture: Mr Adam Malima spoke yesterday on behalf of the minister for Natural Resources and Tourism at the Parliament in Dodoma. Beside the industry’s total income, which has been USD 6.255 Billion in 4 Years, he said that on average Tanzania has been receiving approximately 770,894 tourists annually.

Between 2007 and 2011 3,854,467 tourists from various countries visited Tanzania, generating a total USD 6.255 Billion (TZS 10.32 Trillion) in income. In such a framework a new marketing strategy has been developed by the public and private tourism sector simultaneously.

What makes Tanzania the number one tourist destination in East Africa is the location of many tourist attractions. Tanzanian hunting tourism, photographic tourism, beach tourism, mountain climbing tourism, wildlife tourism and cultural tourism, all make Tanzania a tourist destination hot spot.

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According to the latest Economic Impact Outlook issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), Tanzania’s total tourism contribution to GDP in 2012 has grown 6% with a 3.4% increase of investments in the sector.

Such figures appear particularly positive since the World Average for 2012 has been 2.5% and 3.1%, respectively.

Forecasts for the future ten years seem promising as well. For the 2012-2022 time frame, total tourism contribution to Tanzania GDP will register a 6.1% annual growth with investments in the industry growing 5.8% each year. In this case as well, figures are higher than the World Average which will register a 4.1% and 5.3% growth for the same indicators.

Such positive framework will be further implemented thanks to the new Tanzania tourism marketing strategy developed by the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) and Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT). The umbrella organisation representing the private business sector involved in travel and tourism.

TCT chairman Gaudence K. Temu has revealed that the new strategy is going to place the hospitality sector in a better position in the global market by targeting 11 countries primarily: United Kingdom, US, Germany and Italy are the Primary Source markets. The Secondary Source markets are France, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Spain, South Africa and India.

Mr Temus also hoped for cooperation among all the stakeholders involved. If public and private sector work together, the one-month-old Comprehensive Strategy can be further implemented hence accelerating Tanzania’s leap toward greater economic success.

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