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Bilal hails Tanzanian Public-Private Partnership

Tanzanian Vice-President, Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal, has hailed public-private partnership as a key instrument for developing Tanzania’s transport infrastructure and rapidly growing the sector.

He said “The contribution of transport sector to GDP is about 5 per cent and in the recent past, the sector grew by 7.0 per cent and there are indications that will continue to grow possibly at higher rate. The growth of the sector is the result of both government and private sector investment in road rehabilitation, expansion of telecommunications services and modernisation of port infrastructure and services and improve in marine, railway and air transport services”.

The Tanzania transport sector has had many benefits extending to all sectors such as agriculture, trade and tourism sectors which in turn strengthened the economy, increase competition, promote trade and increase farming techniques as well increased revenues for both public and private sectors.

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Vice-president Bilal added that the Tanzanian government has great interest in collaborating with the private industries and welcomes investment in Tanzania to develop sea and air ports, superstructures and railways and roads.

“Our government is doing and will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure conducive environment for business prevails in Tanzania” he added.

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