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Bolt Keen on Restarting Service in Tanzania, Talks With Government Ongoing

Bolt Tanzania

Mobility service providers Bolt is in talks with the Tanzanian Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) to restart its operations in the country.

Bolt and Uber suspended their services in Tanzania in April 2022 following the guide fare set by the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA).

LATRA issued an order in March 2022 requiring ride-hailing companies in Tanzania to lower the service fee they charge from 25% to 15%, taking away the ability of these companies to set prices.

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Both companies were forced to seize operations, effective immediately in the same month.

While Uber completely adhered to the government sanctions, Bolt limited its operations to just providing services to only corporate clients.

However, in September the Director General of LATRA, Habibu Suluo announced that the Tanzanian government has decided to let both companies function within its borders after the initial complaints and challenges.

TanzaniaInvest contacted Bolt to get an update about the company’s situation in Tanzania.

Bolt statement reads: “Bolt is still in talks with LATRA to identify solutions to address the concerns raised by the industry players vis-a-vis LATRA’s Order No.01/2022. We shall share more information on the reinstatement of our retail category services in due course. Bolt remains hopeful that through collaboration with LATRA and other relevant stakeholders, we shall continue offering safe and affordable ride-hailing services in Tanzania, and creating entrepreneurial opportunities that enable more people to earn a sustainable living.”

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