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Germany to Modernise Tanzanian Central Railway Line

The dismal state of the Tanzanian Central Railway Line is set to be a thing of the past as two German firms show interest in reviving and modernising it.

High-ranking government officials from Germany led by German State Secretary in the Ministry of Economics and Technology; Anne-Ruth Herkes and the State Secretary in the Federal Foreign Office; Prof. Harald Braun visited Dar es Salaam and said implementing of the project would begin as soon as the Tanzanian Government accepts the firms’ proposal.

The Central Railway Line was discussed extensively in their meeting with top Tanzania Government Officials including Vice-President Dr Mohammed Gharib Bilal, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Mr Bernard Membe and the Minister for Industries and Trade; Dr Abdallah Kigoda.

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Ms Herkes said there is serious commitment in modernising the Central Railway Line in Tanzania to make it more economical.

The history and relationship between Tanzania and Germany date back over one hundred years.

Germany has extensively supported Tanzania in different areas including Health, Education, Tourism and Infrastructure.

There are more than 60 German companies in Tanzania engaging in different investment projects ranging from industry and construction to Chemicals.

Ms Herkes said “Tanzania is one of the strongest emerging economies in East Africa.”


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