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Tanzania’s Avocados to Enter India Duty-Free, Exports Reached 11,237 Tn in 2021

Hussein Bashe Avocado Export to India

The Minister of Agriculture of Tanzania, Hussein Bashe, has disclosed yesterday that India has agreed that avocado to be exported from Tanzania will not be imposed with any import duty.

Meanwhile, the other countries exporting their avocados to India will continue facing an import duty of at least 30%.

Minister Bashe stressed that the agreement with India represented an important economic opportunity that should wisely be used by Tanzania and asked local farmers to improve their avocado production.

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He also mentioned the government of Tanzania was working to open more market for avocado around the world.

Tanzania Avocado Production and Exports

Tanzania is the third largest avocado produce in Africa, after South Africa and Kenya.

The Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) estimates that the country’s avocado exports reached 11,237 tonnes, or 510 containers worth USD 33 million in 2021. This is +12.6% more compared to 2020 sales.

In November 2021, the sector got a major boost when the Department of Agriculture of South Africa granted market access to the importation of avocados from Tanzania.

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