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Tanzania Seek Investors to Develop Sugar and Oil Pam Production at Available Farms

Tanzania sugar and plam oil farms available to investors

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) recently issued a notice inviting domestic and foreign investors to develop sugarcane and sugar processing plantations using the 20,000 ha farm in Kibuye in the Kigoma region in northwestern Tanzania. 

Investors are also invited to develop horticulture and food processing plants at the Lugufu farm of 10,529 ha and the Basanza farm of 3,249 ha in the Uvinza District in Kigoma. 

The two farms have been set aside by the government for investment in palm cultivation to produce palm oil for food and to overcome the challenge of importing edible oil. 

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The TIC clarifies that all these fields have already been allocated to the Government through the leadership of the relevant local government authorities and districts. For additional details, contact the TIC: http://www.tic.go.tz/contactUs

Tanzania Sugar and Palm Oil Demand

Tanzania’s sugar demand has increased by over 16% in 2019, to 710,000 tonnes per year from 610,000 tonnes in 2018. The demand for palm oil is estimated at 600,000 tons.


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