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Tanzania Inaugurate Training Center for Renewable Energy

Tanzania Renewable Energy Training Center Kikuletwa

On 17th January 2020, the Arusha Technical College (ATC) inaugurated the new Training Center for Renewable Energy in Kikuletwa.

The center is the result of the cooperation of ATC with Norway that entered into an agreement to support it with NOK 23 Million (USD 2. Million) in 2014. 

The Norwegian contribution was given to ensure technical support for ATC to realize plans to reconstruct and develop a hydropower plant at Kikuletwa as well as develop courses in hydropower and establish the new Training Centre.

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Attending the inauguration ceremony, the Norwegian Ambassador to Tanzania, H.E. Ms. Elisabeth Jacobsen said “Norway has assisted Tanzania since the 1970s in developing its human and natural resources in this area. Throughout the Tanzanian-Norwegian cooperation in the energy sector, many students from both countries have traveled to both countries to study, bringing back new impressions and contributing to the development of our energy sectors. Due to Norway’s long experience in the energy sector, for example with hydropower development, we are confident that we are a useful partner for Tanzania also in the future.”

Commenting on the new Training Center she added “One of the successes of our cooperation is indeed present to us today, namely the Kikuletwa Training Centre. Since 2014, the Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam has cooperated with Arusha Technical College to support the development of the Kikuletwa Hydropower Plant and Training Center. Together we have improved education facilities for the center, we have increased the competence of the ATC academic staff in hydropower engineering, and we have created jobs.”.

Norway Development Cooperation with Tanzania

Study exchange between Norway and Tanzania has been extensive and several thousand Tanzanians, including some of the country’s decision-makers, have their education from Norway. 

A large number of Norwegian institutions and organizations have a long history in Tanzania. 

Today, Tanzania is one of Norway’s 10 partner countries for long term development. Norway supports Tanzania’s goal to become a middle-income country less dependent on aid. Norway‘s priority sectors are particularly important for achieving this goal, and these are sectors where Norwegian expertise is in demand. The priority sectors are private sector development, renewable energy, petroleum management, increased revenue mobilization through improved fiscal and financial management, and environment and climate change. 

Tanzania is also a major beneficiary from multilateral assistance and global funds, including health, education, and infrastructure, to which Norway is a major contributor. 

Tanzania is host to about 300,000 refugees from Burundi and the DRC, and is therefore also the recipient of Norwegian humanitarian aid. 

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